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Dylan and Friends Baking & Exploring

Dylan on his bike

Dylan making deliveries in April 2021

We are energized by the possibilities for a new program – Dylan and Friends’ Baking

It has begun experimentally in this time of Covid, 2021 when all usual day programs for our friends with severe disabilities have ceased. It was inspired by Dylan’s work as a volunteer years ago at Whidbey Island Ice Cream.

The owners would reward his hard work with a lot of ice cream bars, which he began to share. On the way home from work, he would offer ice cream to people he might see along the way: construction workers, bank tellers, grocery store clerks, UPS drivers, postal workers, friends, or just people he met along the way.

Dylan learned then that sweet things – like ice cream, or, indeed, baked goods and chocolates – make people happy. It is a way to share his heart with others, and it makes Dylan genuinely happy to make others happy.

Drawing from the ice cream experience, Dylan and friends, both with and without disabilities, are learning how to bake and to make Mo’s Chocolate Bark. Dylan leads the way in sharing these attempts with families and neighborhood friends. There is a very long way to go, but it just might become a functioning business!

Recently the fun of exploring Whidbey Island has been added to become Dylan and Friends Baking and Exploring.


Dylan delivering his baked goods

The Berkshire Project

Becoming independent and self-supporting in 2024

The Berkshire Project is a creative and performing arts based program, originally supported by The Katie Johnson Fellowship and began in the summer of 2021. There is no tuition and all who participate do so as volunteers.

“We will encourage and support friendships, adventures, and artistic expressions – in a one to one ratio – between those with varying disabilities and others who willingly give any and all help wherever it is needed. We will participate in community activities, including the Brandi Carlile concert on July 27th at Tanglewood. We will seek out live music, live theatre, visits with local artists and other adventures available in this beautiful and vibrant area.”

Mara Bresnahan, Founder.
Email: marabresnahan@gmail.com.

Lauren Marietti, Director.